Weekly Bulletin

January 23, 2022                           3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Be with us this day and keep our hearts and minds open to receive your love and peace. Enable each of us to be people of joy and hope as we encounter others. 

*indicates that congregation should stand, if able


*CALL TO WORSHIP (read responsively)
L: Come, let all who love the Lord enter God’s house for worship!
P: But many are poor and wounded and do not know of Christ’s Love
L: Then we must proclaim for all to hear the news of Jesus the Christ.
P: And what shall we tell the poor and wounded in the world?
L: Christ died so ALL might have life and is coming again to lift them up.
All: Blessed be the name of the Lord!

O God, too often we have tried to believe Your love was like ours, marked by conditions and limitations as we judge who is good enough or worthy to hear Your Gospel. Forgive us, Lord, for You have warned us that as we reject even the least of Your children we reject You. Open our hearts, Lord, that we might openly seek out and welcome any and all who are lost. In Christ we pray. Amen.

*APOSTLES’ CREED OF OUR FAITH & BELIEF  (#738, red hymnal)

*HYMN: “O For a Thousand Tongues”                   (brown) 278

READING FROM THE PSALMS: Psalm 19         Pew Bible p. 456
L: This is the Word of God for the people of God.
P: Thanks be to God.

Pastoral Prayer
Lord’s Prayer                page “x” at front of red hymnal

*FAVORITE HYMN                

*Doxology                        back cover of brown hymnal
*Prayer of Thanksgiving

 *SERMON TEXT: Isaiah 61:1-3

  MESSAGE: “A Vaccine for Heaviness”   Pastor Harold Sharp

*HYMN: “The Solid Rock”                                          (brown) 54